Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's up Buttercup?

Alrighty, it has been *months* since I last posted anything. I know, it's unforgivable, and regrettably a trend with me. Yet even as I type this now, I have no idea what I'm going to say. I could do a book review, but really, what does that have to do with my journey to publication? Unless my favorite author decides to look me up at random and offer to show her agent my writing, probably not much. I have other ideas which involve things that take time to research. While I'd love to blog about these, the lack of time is what has my posts two months apart. Yikes. Maybe this should be a "catch up" post. All in favor? I'll take your silence as confirmation.

So, turns out writing a novel single-handed is tough. You guys, if you've followed me at all, know where I stand on writing groups and having support. If you don't know, I whole-heartedly recommend it and encourage you to your various social media sites. Having said that, I am now proud to announce (for the time being) that my MS is COMPLETE! I've edited and added, taken away and revised the living daylights out of the thing, and now I'm finished.

That sound you just heard was my supersonic squeee from KY.

I have to say though, the things I struggled with in the past, while not totally resolved, are much more easier to recognize. Thanks to Chi (AKA Elizabeth Isaacs), I can spot a passive sentence a mile away. I still write them, but they're more apparent in *your* work, so heads up ;)Dizz (AKA Megan Curd), you're the comma police and you have a knack for not making me feel DUH! when you leave your funny comments about the huge mistake I just made. Rennie (AKA Italia Trent), you have an amazing eye for making things fit together. Your ideas and the way you bring stuff together are enviable! Jenn (AKA Jenn_BookCrazy), you are a flipping genius! When it comes to knowing your stuff, you are so on top of it! Ray (AKA Regan Coomer), your knowledge of the English language is fabulous. I appreciate you keeping me consistent. Feel free to correct this post. We're all here to learn ;)Thanks for not changing your cell numbers or blocking me when I pester you with endless questions and rants. I owe each of you more than I can ever pay you back. You're patience and vast knowledge are the main reason I'm finished!

So, where does that leave me now? Well, pretty much back where I should've been a long time ago had I taken the advice of the countless others in my position. Querying! ::insert massive groan here::<< Yeah, I feel ya. I'm in a holding pattern until I hear something back from an individual who has more power over my future than any one person should. Whew! I can guarantee, however, that good things are just around the corner. How do I know this? It isn't because I'm psychic and definitely not because I'm cocky. The reason I know good things are coming is because I refuse to quit or get discouraged. Yeah, rejections suck, but they don't have to. Learn from them. This is easy to say right now because I haven't received any yet. You guys be sure and remind me of my positive attitude right now when the time comes ;)

Keep writing!