Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Looking forward

So it's been way too long since I updated. Things are still moving forward. I'm revising and polishing and buffing and moving...all the things that continue until you receive an actual book in hand.

I did want to share something that is very important however. After all, what's the point of blogging if I don't have anything to contribute. I don't think that highly of myself :) I've been readjusting the age of my MC. When I began the story, I didn't have a target age range in mind...mistake by the way. Always know your audience. In all fairness though, I never thought of trying to get anything published when I began the story. I just wanted to explore a dream I had and it turned into a whole, big lotta pages! Anyway, my MC's age was twenty when I finished writing. Not a problem except I thought my MS was more geared toward the YA group. Twenty is way too old for YA! I personally don't see the problem but that's a whole different topic. So per the advice of those who matter, I've been editing my MS since I knocked a couple of years off her age.

Changing my MC's age isn't a huge deal in my case. It doesn't alter the plot in any way. It simply means that I need to change a few side items to cause everything to align. Time consuming when you have two little ones underfoot, a household to manage and everyone's sanity to maintain. Still, what little time I have to invest in my project is worth it. The more I write, the better I get. I can look back and see such progress, even if I'm not where I want to be yet! So, writers, keep working. Every line you add, every paragraph you edit brings you closer to that dream!


  1. Mrs. Fields,
    (I feel like I am sending a note to the "Cookie Queen") Your blog is helping me. I have already checked out some of your links, and reading over your post is helping to motivate me. I used to write, and haven't touched my old manuscripts in years (not in this decade, not even in this millennium). So as you can see I needed the help. I will be looking forward to more postings!

  2. Wow! Thank you for such a great compliment :) The main reason for me blogging about my adventure is because so many pubbed authors out there have a great starting-out point. They have friends in the industry (and their Masters in creative writing doesn't hurt) who aid and point them in the right direction. I am, in the writing world, of no consequence, so the fact that I've actually had someone say, "Hey, thanks for writing," is a huge blessing :) So thank you for your appreciation. The world of writing is fabulous but can be hugely overwhelming. It's not hard to get swallowed up by so much but when we stick together, we can accomplish so much more with the motivation!