Monday, July 18, 2011

Music: Because One Addiction is Never Enough

I'm sitting here, trying to drum up enough enthusiasm to blog about something important, or at the very least, interesting. I tried to write a post about book reviews, but it wasn't fulfilling, and I lacked a point. I thought about doing a piece on writing--something along the lines of style, grammar, or another rant about the loss of the Oxford comma. Several minutes later, I walked away frustrated.

Finally, I cranked up Rhapsody (which is my version of heroin, by the way) for inspiration and set my playlist to shuffle...then it dawned on me.

MUSIC! Someone once said, "Music is what feelings sound like."

I couldn't agree more. I am a music junky. Music is playing somewhere in my house almost every waking hour, and even some of the non-waking ones. If it were up to me, the world would work like the movies. Each person would have a theme song, and every scene in life would have a melody tied to it. Because in my head, it already does.

As I've said so many times before, music is like a heartbeat to me. I find more in a song than the rhythm and lyrics. The very essence of it plays through me like an emotion or a memory. Entire scenes work themselves out in my mind, inspiring stories and characters I wouldn't have known otherwise. That might sound crazy, but I'm a writer. It's a given.

More moments in my writing have been a result of a song than me actually coming up with it out of nowhere. In fact, if it weren't for Luke Asher, my book might have played out in a completely different manner. Yeah, soak that up. When it comes to music, I'm passionate to say the least.

So, I thought it would be uberfun and easy to talk about a song I've recently discovered and fallen in love with. This is one of those bizarre tunes that gets into your soul and never leaves. It's also one you'll either love or hate. Just weird, like me :)

Stateless-I'm on Fire

Now, the song is great in and of itself, but at the 3:44 mark, there's about a 5 second pause before the music picks back up with a dramatic flair. Sensational! If I could ever get the scene in my head onto paper here, I'd officially be the female version of Tim Burton. Man.

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