Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wordsmith Wednesday: Teaser #7

The objective:
Show us a scene from your current project. It can be creepy, adventurous, romantic, etc. Just a snippet to let readers see what they're in for!

The guidelines:
 * Must be from a current work-in-progress (WIP). Nothing already published.
 * You may choose from any section of the manuscript, but be mindful not to include spoilers.
 * Keep it clean and YA audience friendly, please. No erotica.
 * Stay under 300 words or about one page. It can be as little as a few lines if you prefer. We just want to give readers a chance to see everyone's selection.
 * Link back to Chirenjenzie to enjoy others' work as well!

 A little taste of The Willows: Thorn, book 2 in The Willows series.

“My mother—” I began.
“Made a decision for herself,” Allie interrupted. “The family’s laws don’t always make sense, but they’re expected to be followed. Your mom was just stronger than the law. You should be proud of that.”
I smiled. Of course Allie would think that way.
“I love that she found Charlie and lived a short but happy life with him.” I sighed. “But…”
“But you wish things had been different?” Allie finished.
I laughed without humor. “I learned some time ago that wishing doesn’t change what is, or was, or will be. Wishing is futile.”
“That stinks really bad of bitterness, Ash.” Allie frowned. “Don’t let disappointment convince you that wishing is a hopeless pursuit.” 

What are YOU working on now? Happy writing!


  1. Excellent excerpt! I agree with Allie's advice.