Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Willows: Haven Dream Cast

Well, the ARC tour is well under way and going fantastically! Julie at A Tale of Many Reviews is just masterful. Thanks again, Wonder Woman ;)

I've had several people mention wanting to see my idea of a Dream Cast, and since that was part of the ARC tour, I thought I'd throw it up on my site as well!

Here we go!

Ashton Blake -- Alexandra Daddario.

"I gazed into the mirror over the sink, taken aback by the change of my oddly blue eyes. The color seemed more vivid, even through the tiredness. ... Loose brunette strands curled out along my temples and the nape of my neck — an unmanageable feature I inherited from my father, though the waviness and color were the only genetic similarities I shared with the man."

Gabe Willoughby -- Kevin Zegers.

"His eyes were the most distinctive color, like the Caribbean ocean — a faint orange circled his pupil, turning the palest shade of blue in the center, before fading into a deeper blue-green toward the outer ring. ... He tucked a mop of longish auburn hair beneath a Gatsby style hat. ... He grinned, and I lost myself in his dimples."

Allie Taylor -- Taylor Swift.

"Allie’s sapphire eyes crinkled into a grin. ... (She) tossed her blonde curls over her shoulder."

Kevin Hawthorne -- Sam Witwer.

"Images of gray eyes and wicked smiles filled my dreams."

Kyle Hawthorne -- Jesse Metcalfe.

"(Kyle) stared at me, his black brows low. ... He sat down in front of me, an olive-toned arm resting across the top of his knee, the other falling along the ground. "

Harry Waterford -- Simon Baker.

"(Harry) had thick blonde hair and eyes the color of faded denim; his smile was to die for, and all of my girlfriends had crushes on him at one time or another."

So, there it is! What do you think?

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  1. Awesome! And I love Simon Baker (although Harry was a chunky monk in my head ... don't ask me why :-)