Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordsmith Wednesday: Teaser #3

The objective:
Show us a scene from your current project. It can be creepy, adventurous, romantic, etc. Just a snippet to let readers see what they're in for!

The guidelines:
 * Must be from a current work-in-progress (WIP). Nothing already published.
 * You may choose from any section of the manuscript, but be mindful not to include spoilers.
 * Keep it clean and YA audience friendly, please. No erotica.
 * Stay under 300 words or about one page. It can be as little as a few lines if you prefer. We just want to give readers a chance to see everyone's selection.
 * Link back to Chirenjenzie to enjoy others' work as well!

***Spoiler alert***

If you haven't read book one, there is a spoiler in this. Be forewarned!

Here's a clip from my upcoming project, The Willows: Thorn. It's book two in The Willows series.

Strange glowing torches lit the path on either side. I stared curiously at the green and blue flames that licked the insides of the glass orbs, intrigued by the color. Veins of water snaked around the outer edges of the pathway, slicing through the land in shallow ribbons. This place was as different from The Valley as the Dryads were from the Naiads themselves. Both were beautiful, but this forest somehow felt like home. I liked the wet mossy smell of everything and the way the moisture clung in the air like a blanket of water wrapped around me. It almost felt like swimming.  
A wide structure came into view through the line of trees ahead of us. The front glowed softly as hanging lanterns flickered and swayed in a gentle breeze, and the scent of lilac mingled with damp bark. Gray stone peered from behind a mantle of emerald ivy, the center point jutting out farther than the outer walls. A dark gate stood guard, baring its iron teeth at anything close enough to be a threat.

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Happy writing!



  1. Absolutely LOVE the personification at the end! Well done, Izzie, well done!

  2. I love how you describe thins Hope! Cannot wait to read more!

  3. Eeee! Love it! & can't wait to read the whole thing.

  4. Yay! Thanks, ladies! I've so enjoyed this meme. I love reading everyone else's work. SO cool!