Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Shirt by Any Other Color: Lend Me Your Eyes...

***WINNER update***
Using, entrant #5 is the winner of the t-shirt. Thanks so much for participating and lending your thoughts, everyone! It's very much appreciated! Congrats, Carla! We'll be in touch!!!

Okay, so the title is a little weird. It got you here, and that was the point. Thanks for stopping by! Now that I've got you here, want to win something? If you said yes, please continue reading. If you said no, well, you're odder than I am ;)

For the longest time, I've wanted to have fun merchandise available. The vast majority of you guys like the idea of t-shirts. Truly, you're homo-sapiens after my own heart. I'm a t-shirt junkie, just ask my husband.

So, I've been working on a few designs, and I need your guys' input. In return, I'm thinking I'll give one lucky commenter a choice of his or her shirt for FREE :)

What I'd like from you:
* Leave me a comment with your favorite shirt option.

Rules and junk:
* Due to shipping, I have to limit winners to the US. Please feel free to chime in, but I can't ship internationally. So sorry :p
* This is open to *everyone*, so don't skip it because you're a friend or family member! 
* Shirts will be ordered early May. The winner will choose from the shirt(s) with the most votes. You MUST choose from the selection being ordered.

Winner will be chosen May 5th!


Here are the options!





Reflections by Rana Photography said...

I still like option A with your website on it! Blessings, Rana

Elizabeth Isaacs said...

I like option B and D, but don't put me in for a freebie I'll get one and the salad poke festival! :-D Whoot!

HMRoach said...

I love option C. The graphic speaks of something deep and buried beneath the surface and the color is awesomeness.

Brandileigh2003 (Blkosiners Book Blog) said...

I like A but rafflecopter didn't show up for me. If I click it, it goes to the page with my giveaways

Carla Lawson said...

I personally like A best... I've read the book and think that shirt captures it all. "Things on the surface are not always what they seem" type thing. Plus, the colors are great and it is wonderful advertisement for your website! Yep, all around my favorite! LOL!! :) Good luck with everything!

Amanda Sarinana said...

I definitely like B and C! But if I had to pick just one.. I'd go with B for sure :)

Macdizzledoo said...

I like A and B :)

njsunbunny said...

I like option E

Ravelin said...

I like both A and B, I really think they stand out.

Danielle B! said...

I like Option E the best.

DannaMarieG said...

Option A is my favorite. I like the reflection look.

Heather Goolsby said...

Arrrgghhhh I love A and B these shirts are awesome! I'm a shirt junkie as well.

Jennifer Marohn said...

My fav is B. so pretty

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