Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordsmith Wednesday: Teaser #1

Earlier today, I was looking for fun memes for writers, but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. There are a number of things available, but I was looking for a fun, everyone participate, current WIP meme. No such luck. Hence, the newly born the Wordsmith Wednesday meme from Chirenjenzie :D

The objective: 

Show us a scene from your current project. It can be creepy, adventurous, romantic, etc. Just a snippet to let readers see what they're in for!

The guidelines:

 * Must be from a current work-in-progress (WIP). Nothing already published.
 * You may choose from any section of the manuscript, but be mindful not to include spoilers.
 * Keep it clean and YA audience friendly, please. No erotica.
 * Stay under 300 words or about one page. It can be as little as a few lines if you prefer. We just want to give readers a chance to see everyone's selection. 
 * Link back to Chirenjenzie to enjoy others' work as well!

Here is an excerpt from one of my more recent WIPs titled Tinheart.

I stared through the window as raindrops trailed in rivulets down the glass. A peal of thunder echoed across the sky, masking the professor's monotone voice. I sighed again, wishing I were anywhere else but physics class.
"Miss Harper?" Professor Whipple questioned, her tone rising. "Miss Harper!"
I straightened in my seat, my leg numb and tingling viciously against the soft leather. "Yes, ma'am?"
"Where is the steam sphere in relation to the energy orb?" she demanded.
I pursed my lips in thought and frantically searched my subconscious for the answer Whipple wanted. What was she droning on about today? Trajectory? Magnetism? Defeat settling in my stomach, I swallowed hard and offered up an answer. "Tw-twice the distance?"
Half the class snickered; the other half just shook their heads.
Heat prickle beneath the rigid laced collar of my uniform. Whipple stood, spindly hands on her hips, and stared back with unusually bright eyes. A coil chip flashed where there should've been pupils. I bit down on my tongue, knowing every second of my humiliation was being documented for all the committee to see. Stupid droids and their inconvenient technology. Why couldn't the school go back to using humans to teach?
"Miss Walker?" Whipple turned her head directly and focused on the leggy redhead sitting just to my left. "Can you tell me where the steam sphere in relation to the energy orb since Lawren clearly doesn't know?"
I scoffed. How was it a pile of rusty parts could use sarcasm?

 What's a scene from your current project? 

Happy writing.


  1. This is awesome! Please keep writing :))

  2. This is aaaawesome, Izzie!!!! Write. Faster!!!!