Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 1--30 Day Music Challenge

Day One: Your Favorite Song.

This is going to be the easiest one by far, I imagine. I'm the type of person who goes through life pretty consistently. There isn't a lot that has changed about me over the years. I'm simply taller and have slightly more responsibility than when I was a kid, I like the same shows (even cartoons), the same food, and I have the same interests.

Those interests include music. I'm thrilled to finally have an excuse to discuss my favorite band. The Silversun Pickups!!!! Or SSPU for short.

Though their first album, PIKUL, debuted in 2005, I really didn't get into their music until around 2009, with the release of SWOON. I immediately fell in love and went in search of all things SSPU.

The search yielded in an abundance of music glory, not the least of which, my favorite song: Future Foe Scenarios, from the 2006 album, CARNAVAS.

With clever lyrics and funky tones, SSPU move into 90's-tinged alternative rock (somewhat reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins.) Their unique structures are Indie-sounding yet melodic, leaving a lasting impression--and that's the point, right?

For me, this song is related to my MC and how she feels after learning some important truths.


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